3 Reasons Nurses Should Continue Education


Nurses should never stop learning. The healthcare field is ever-changing with new discoveries, technological advances, protocols and practices. To stay ahead of the changes, nurses must continue their education. Gaining new skills and knowledge is paramount to their success, and the health and well being of their patients. Today’s simulation and mobile app technology makes it easy to learn new techniques that impact patient wellness and safety, and help nurses in their own career advancement.

The availability of mobile apps has improved access to training materials previously not available to nurses. Competency can be reached at the bedside or in a classroom environment and in the presence of a preceptor. Training can be conducted consistently, with the same steps and processes taught the same way every time, anywhere.

Provide Best Patient Care

Care giving is becoming more complex. Nurse shortages have led to some staffing crunches. Nurses have more responsibilities, more patients to care for and less time. Quality care is an issue for hospitals as well as patients. Hospitals must keep accreditations and meet other standards for care. Nurses who keep skills sharp and help their organizations meet standards will directly impact the level of patient care and patient satisfaction. A satisfied patient will translate into likely return visits to the hospital for additional services and care.

Improve Patient Safety

Medical errors that have injured or caused patients to die are prevalent enough that hospitals are taking action to reduce and limit their numbers. Training nurses is a critical step in identifying and preventing medical errors and increasing patient safety. The costs of healthcare are astronomical. Nurses can train using mobile apps and simulations to learn new techniques and protocols that reduce or alleviate medical errors. Continuing education helps nurses improve hospital quality overall and improve patient safety.

Improve Potential for Job Advancement

Continuing education has become a key factor in employee evaluations. While a certain amount of ongoing training may be required for nurses (requirements vary by state), employers often reward nurses who continue their education after graduation beyond the requirements. Nurses that don’t continue learning often find it hard to stay ahead of the latest technological trends and medical developments. Continuing education also helps nurses achieve compliance and meet competencies. Nurses that stay abreast of trends, new protocols and techniques are more valuable than a nurse that hasn’t kept up-to-date with changes in healthcare.


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