Mobile Apps for Nursing Education


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections (Feb. 2012 report) the Registered Nursing workforce is the top occupation in terms of job growth through 2020. To meet demand, an additional 1.2 million registered nurses will be needed by 2020. Education and training material for nursing students and continuing education for other nurses will be needed for medical devices and tools, nursing protocols, procedures and more. The healthcare challenges that face the U.S. are shifting. Baby boomers are aging and are making up a larger part of the overall population. There are also a number of challenges to be faced with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, addiction and mental illness. The reality is that nurses must continue to learn long after graduation. Staying current on best practices and new protocols is a must in order to deliver patient care. Nurses must continually evolve with new theories on disease treatments, technological advances, patient care trends, new and revised protocols and more on the job, while still delivering high quality care.

New ways to deliver educational material to nurses, and new ways for nurses to receive educational material, must be adopted. Thanks to the proliferation of tablets such as the iPad and Nexus, one such way of delivering training is via mobile apps. Nurses can train for compliance, clinical techniques, medical device use and more at any time day or night, and at their own pace. A mobile app also means training is delivered consistently. Instructors may have differences in delivery methods or nomenclature, but that is not an issue with apps. No variations in training means there’s no chance for miscommunication.

Whatever type of training your organization’s nursing staff needs, the answer could be a Health Scholars mobile app. Health Scholars mobile apps are developed by CSE Software Inc.’s experienced mobile development team. The team can define and design an app to train nurses or other staff in your organization. Contact Health Scholars at 1.309.670.7595 today to find out how easy and cost-effective it is to get an app developed