Nurse Training Benefits Hospitals & Patients


In addition to keeping hospitals and healthcare organizations in compliance, properly trained nurses also streamline processes; increase patient satisfaction; reduce accidents; and more. Healthcare organizations that do not invest in training experience skills gaps; a loss of revenue; threat of competition taking their patients; delaying new services; and more. Invest in ongoing training for nurses and reap the benefits.

    • Streamline processes. Give nurses the skills needed to do their jobs better. Well-trained nurses mean they are more accurate at their jobs, saving time and reducing errors.
    • Reduce nurse turnover. Employees who can grow and learn are happier and stay put. You can reduce employee turnover with ongoing training.
    • Grow your talent pool. Skill development and training ensures that you have a talent pool to fill critical jobs throughout your organization. It will also give you the human capital you need to expand your hospital though new service offerings.
    • Stay compliant. Nurses who are properly trained on processes and techniques keep organizations in regulation and compliance with governing bodies.
    • Reduce accidents. Proper training can save lives. Investing in safety training reduces accidents, protects employees from injuries and illness, and can save companies costs from insurance and workman’s comp claims. Not to mention the cost of having an employee out, a tool or device down, and the overall cost of that lost time.
    • Increase patient satisfaction. Training nurses to be better in their jobs also has an additional pay-off with increased patient satisfaction. Giving your nurses the skills they need can not only increase patients’ satisfaction in your hospital, it can also improve business in other ways.
    • Loyalty – by sharing their positive experience with others. It costs more to acquire a new patient than to keep an existing patient.
    • Trust – as you develop new services at your hospital or healthcare organization, patients will recognize and respect your high regard for training and safety by giving you their business.
    • Confidence – Nurses who understand proper protocols and procedures and how to perform correct techniques are more confident when handling patients.

Don’t let a skills gap or a lack of trained nursing candidates erode your hospital’s compliance record or ability to conduct business. Ongoing training is an investment, but an investment with benefits that far outweigh any development costs.


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