Nursing Competency: Mobile Device Use in the Rural Setting


ABSTRACT: Simulation training can improve nursing staff confidence, competence, and communication in new and unfamiliar situations. The development of unique and creative handheld information technology solutions to enhance nursing knowledge in the clinical setting is gaining attention and momentum. Access to clinical educational opportunities is reduced within the healthcare environment in rural communities due to limited educator resource availability. Mobile device applications developed for use by nurses practicing in rural communities can stimulate and impart knowledge, skills, and confidence as critical-thinking skills are advanced. Traditional nursing education and competency enhancement takes place “in seat”. Mobile device applications provide education conducted outside the classroom and into the live environment of care. The self-paced mobile device platform allows learners to work outside of the classroom and at the bedside or in the clinical environment. The curriculum is focused on improving interaction between preceptors and nurses while establishing deeper levels of demonstrated competency and improving safe, quality patient care outcomes. This paper discusses the creation of a standardized, interactive nursing education and simulation training with the ability to generate an immersive, collaborative learning encounter for preceptor/educator and nurses on the mobile device platform.


Application of Innovation Assignment: Nursing Informatics

Elizabeth Davidson

Wilkes University

Nursing Informatics

NSG 600

Dr. Julie Frederick

February 23, 2016


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