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Dr. John Vozenilek
Chief Scientific Officer

As the CSO of SIMnext, Dr. Vozenilek is the head of scientific research operations.  His key focus and charter is envisioning and developing innovation capabilities ( human, methodological and technological ) that  improve medical outcomes and lower healthcare costs.  Dr. Vozenilek is also the Director of Simulation and Chief Medical Officer of the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center, which provides central coordination and oversight for OSF Healthcare’s undergraduate, graduate, interdisciplinary, and continuing medical education programs. Under his direction, the OSF Healthcare and the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine at Peoria have created additional organizational capabilities and infrastructure, building resources for educators who wish to use additional innovative learning technologies for teaching and assessment.

As the Duane and Mary Cullinan Professor in Simulation Outcomes, Dr. Vozenilek is actively involved in the academic programs across traditional departmental boundaries and in clinical practice at OSF Healthcare. In addition to his role in simulation, Dr. Vozenilek teaches master's degree candidates in the fields of simulation, healthcare quality and safety, and is formally appointed in the UI Urbana-Champaign college of engineering to teach biodesign.