Point of Care Education + Simulation-based Training
= Safer Patient Care

At SIMnext we aim to provide our customers with engaging, interactive and interesting learning opportunities that are effective and evidence driven. We have over a decade of interactive training development experience and believe that our evolving range will have an immediate and measurable impact upon the learner’s experience and clinical care. We are proud to launch our new product ranges and look forward to bringing you more innovative products in the near future

Anatomy Solutions

The von Hagens Plastination anatomical specimens are innovative educational resources designed to improve the anatomical knowledge and education of medical students, nurses and other allied health care professionals.  More than 400 teaching institutions around the world use plastinated specimens for teaching. Plastination is an innovative preservation method of biological tissue that replaces bodily fluids with polymers and was invented and further developed by Dr. Gunther von Hagens. All of our plastinates are produced in Germany at Gubener Plastinate GmbH under the leadership of Dr. Gunther von Hagens. All Plastinates are odorless and non-toxic even when handling without gloves. They are durable, flexible, authentic and do not shrink.

Education Solutions

The goal of our SIMnext Education Solutions is to provide engaging, interactive learning that is effective and data driven. We have over a decade of interactive training development experience and we provide a robust library of evidence-based educational courses that include procedural based simulations and critical thinking scenarios. Our education is focused on core regulatory competencies, patient safety, and best practices. Our procedural skills simulations are designed to prepare clinicians at all stages of experience. All of our educational courses are supported by an advanced database for individual user tracking as well as enterprise level data management.

These high quality, budget-friendly solutions will aid in the reduction of error rates, improve infection control and vastly improve your patient safety and quality care initiatives. The blended learning strategy enables organizations to develop or verify baseline skills and quantify the results. This will save valuable time while improving confidence and competence during on-boarding or prior to the use of manikins and task trainers or attending labs. These solutions will empower your staff to decrease medication errors, improve infection control, and strengthen your patient safety. Our blended learning capabilities will supply your organization with data analytics that enable a proactive approach to identify knowledge gaps and opportunities for performance improvement. 

Custom Services

SIMnext Custom Services provides a flexible and cost-effective way to create custom products. Our team of experienced engineers will turn your novel ideas into finished products, with services ranging from software development to product engineering and manufacturing. We provide a detailed scope of work on all projects to ensure that the final design will match your concept. Our proven process helps reduce the high costs of project management for both companies.