Introducing DR Doppler

Developed by engineers and clinicians using real human data offering the most realistic simulation of virtually any pathology. Featuring ultrasound-compatible anatomy models providing true to life, hands-on experience through a wide variety of app driven training modules

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Welcome to the Evolution of Medical Simulation Technology Development

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Driving collaborative, open innovation to improve patient outcomes

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Creating custom solutions engineered to meet the most demanding needs

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As the medical simulation training industry continues to grow, the demand for
realistic, accessible product solutions is growing with it.


SIMnext is working directly with clinicians and guided by real-time patient data to provide the bridge between learning environments and real-life clinical experience. Our company is built on a culture of open, agile exploration with partners, including the University of Illinois Schools of Medicine and Engineering and the OSF Healthcare System, that enables our team of engineering, medical and business experts to aggressively pursue answers to complex healthcare simulation and training problems. Through this model we are able to offer our partners and clients fully tested, nuanced products that are the key to developing expertise.

It is our continuing goal to relentlessly pursue, discover and implement leading-edge technologies and designs that will actively affect how training and simulation are used to improve patient outcomes and add to the overall wellness of the healthcare industry.

Our Mission

It is the mission of SIMnext to provide leading-edge technology solutions to our internal and external business partners through a data-supported open exchange between our engineers and clinicians. We are guided by our strategic vision to affect how training is used to improve patient outcomes and to maintain a leadership role in simulation within the healthcare industry.